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il Biscione
Club magazine is been issued four times in a year; in March, June, September and December. The magazine includes articles about club events, of new, old and forthcoming Alfa models. Articles from the members and Alfa experts etc. It is possible to include chargeable advertisements see MEDIA CARD.

History: Club's first own magazine was printed in 1990. Before that the club had 2 to 4 pages reserved in the Swedish Alfa Romeo club's magazine "Klöverbladet" for some years. In 1990 to 1996 il Biscione's chief editor was Mr. Kari Keskitalo, the layout was by Mr. Jussi Sillanpää and its printing was managed by club member Mr. Juhani Ahokas in his employer's print house Printsi Oy. From 1997 to 2020 the magazine's chief editor was Mr. Yrjö Hakulinen, the layout and printing was managed by Juhani Ahokas & Printsi Oy until number 3/2002. From 2003 to 2004 the layout was done by Yrjö Hakulinen and printing was managed by Juhani Ahokas and PMS Print Oy. From issue 1/2005 il Biscione is been printed by Savion Kirjapaino Oy in Kerava and its layout was done by Yrjö Hakulinen until number 4/2020, excluding issues 1/2011-3/2012 which's layout was done by Ms. Iris Kieme. After Yrjö Jukka Väänänen started as Chief Editor. He continued in this position until il Biscione 4/2022.

Chief editor: Auli Paananen
Layout: Auli Paananen (1/2021...)
Address: il Biscione (c/o CARF ry), Box 29, FI-00391 HELSINKI
Email: Biscione[a]
Phone: +358 40 542 7472
In case you want to send an article or photos to club magazine, use the "Tell us" link in the homepage. Send material before end of February, May, August and November.

Print house: Savion Kirjapaino Oy, Kerava
Member: Here you'll find Bisciones and Alfa related articles in other magazines also Videos

The very first "il Biscione"

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