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2021 Driving meeting Mäntsälä's Juustoportti - Parola Armour Museum - Könnölä
12.06.2021, Saturday, starting at 11:00, duration 3-6 hours

Place: Juustoportti, Pohjoinen Pikatie 8, 04600 Mäntsälä.
Contact: Jussi Keltaniemi +358 40 5458327

Cathering starts at 11.00 during waiting the start you can use the password ”kesäajelu” at the cafe to get: Coffee/Tee/Hot Chocolate + Korvapuusti or Coffee/Tee/Hot Chocolate + Carelian pie for 5,00 person.

Start at 12:00, Parola Armour Museum (Hattulantie 334, 13720 Parola) Drive range 100 km about 2 hours in time.

At the Armour Museum we will be devided into groups of 10 to visit the musem for max. 2 hours. Cost is 7,00 per person (participant pays).

At 16.30 drive to Könnölä Holday Farm (Rimmiläntie 739, 14500 Iittala), we will have a meal for 35,00 per person.

- Hedelmäinen vihersalaatti (Fruity green salad)
- Kesäinen ohra-broilersalaatti (Barley-Chicken salad)
- Savulohi (Smoked salmon)
- Keitetyt perunat (Boiled potatoes)
- Lihapata (Meet stew)
- Paahdetut uunijuurekset (Roasted root vegetables)
- Saaristolaisleipää, patonkia ja voita (Sweat bread, baguette + butter)
By choise rhubarb pie, raparperipiirakka or Swiss roll + coffee / Tee
- Makuvesi

ENROLL to Driving meeting HERE on June 7th latest!


p.s. Alfa Romeo or Italian car is not a nesessity, but remember other brands drive at the end of the queue.

How to get there:

Club Alfa Romeo Finland ry. PL 208, FIN-00181 HELSINKI