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Automatic transmission to Alfa MiTo
07.04.2010, Hakulinen Yrjö

The innovative Alfa TCT automatic transmission debuts on the MiTo

The Alfa Romeo MiTo, in addition to being the first car to launch the revolutionary MultiAir system, will also be the first car to feature the new, dual dry clutch automatic transmission known as Alfa TCT combined with Start&Stop, the system that manages temporary engine shut-down at standstill.

The Alfa TCT will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and will be available to consumers in the coming months from all Alfa Romeo Dealerships.


Alfa TCT ensures a high level of driving comfort by using two transmissions in parallel, each with its own clutch. The system allows the driver to shift to the next gear with the previous gear still engaged, thus guaranteeing continuity in torque delivery.


- greater speed during gear shifts
- a choice of two modes: manual or automatic
- power loss during gear shifts practically eliminated
- less expensive and easier to install
- optimised fuel consumption thanks to the addition of the Start&Stop system
- guaranteed improvement in fuel efficiency over automatic transmissions (approximately 6% lower fuel consumption than a “Wet” clutch).
- flexibility of application, thanks to compact components

Alfa TCT is protected by 23 patents, already public, divided into 3 areas: transmission management, transmission mechanics and transmission actuation.