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2011 was a very successful year for Alfa Romeo
24.01.2012, Hakulinen Yrjö

2011 was a very successful year for Alfa Romeo that, in Europe, passed from 0.8% to 1% thanks to the Giulietta. In fact, the car's sales reached 2.8% in Europe and 14.5% in Italy, these being the highest sales figures ever achieved by an Alfa Romeo in the hatchback segment.
In concrete terms, 2011 saw the registration of approximately 80,000 vehicles in Europe, of which 45% were in Italy (35,000). The foreign markets on which the Giulietta had its best results were the French (more than 9,200 cars), the English (more than 7,000 cars) and German (more than 6,300 cars); since its launch, worldwide orders for the Giulietta have totalled almost 140,000.
Sales of the car have witnessed a preference for the top "Distinctive" and "Exclusive" levels of fitting that represent about 90% of the total.
When it comes to the engine, sales have leaned towards the more powerful versions: for example the 170 hp 1.4 MultiAir has a sales mix of 15%, about 7 times the segment average in this power range. The most popular engine is the 105 hp 1.6 MultiJet that accounts for 35% of the total sales.
The most popular colour is Ghiaccio White that everyone will remember from the commercials and that has been chosen for 35% of the cars sold, while the reds, an essential element in the Alfa range, represent about 6% of the total.

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