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Giulia and Stelvio ESTREMA for driving purists

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio “ESTREMA”: Alfa Romeo’s trademark technical capabilities and sportiness

Alfa Romeo has introduced the Giulia and Stelvio “ESTREMA” special series in Hinwil at the headquarters of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team. The first global special series, “ESTREMA” is equipped with a trim that puts it at the top of its range as it embodies the highest achievements in terms of technical and dynamic solutions, style, and sportiness. Its official debut took place at none other than the Alfa Romeo F1 Team’s Factory. Outside the limelight, Alfa Romeo and Sauber are carrying on with nonstop synergy which is founded on the exchange of their respective knowhow in an ongoing search for efficiency and state-of-the-art sustainable technology: the key territory for the new era of the brand.

• Alfa Romeo presents the Giulia and Stelvio “ESTREMA”, the first global special series which embodies the highest achievements in technical refinement and driving dynamics.
• Made for sporty driving, its trim places this model at the top of its range. The soul of the Quadrifoglio has come back to life in an everyday vehicle.
• The new special global series has been conceived for customers looking for outstanding technical solutions creating a true “symbiosis” with the vehicle.
• Active suspension and limited slip differential come standard, and its prevalent use of carbon provides for more lightness and a sporty attitude.
• Introduced in Hinwil at the headquarters of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, it represents a continuation of an intense collaboration with its partner to get the most out of Formula 1 knowhow and develop new strategic assets.
• Giulia e Stelvio “ESTREMA” will be marketed starting from April in Europe.

A further step in the brand’s sporty DNA, the Giulia and Stelvio MY22 “ESTREMA” are making their debuts. The first special series to be sold globally, bringing Alfa Romeo performance around the world, “ESTREMA” is the perfect combination of technical refinement and driving pleasure.

The new Alfa Romeo line-up strategy is now devoted to simplicity: two trims - Super and Ti - each with a well-defined characterization to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, and two packs - Sprint and Veloce - aimed at emphasizing the sportiness of the brand. “ESTREMA” is positioned at the top of the range, giving a nod at the super sporty Quadrifoglio version.

The project is aimed at those customers — often referred to as “driving purists”, who are always looking for the emotions linked with being at one with the vehicle. A connoisseur customer, less devoted to the muscularity of aesthetics, but attentive to those technical solutions able of providing balance and outstanding driving dynamics. The new active suspensions come standard: thanks to the ability to adapt to the conditions and to the driving style, they contribute to an exceptional travel comfort without penalizing sporty handling and driving pleasure. The control system “Alfa Active Suspension” manages suspensions and shock absorbers in constant interaction with the CDC (Chassis Domain Control) and the DNA, calibrating its intervention according to the selected mode. On “ESTREMA” the mechanical self-locking differential always comes standard. It guarantees stability and high control in all grip conditions, and it distributes torque and traction even when out of corners, at high speeds and during acceleration.

From the view of its exterior or sitting down within its interior, it stands out for its enveloping, sporty look with its prevalent use of carbon. On the exterior, it gets noticed for its carbon fiber veneer - on the mirror cover and front V. Dark tones for the specific "ESTREMA" badge on the bumper, alloy wheels - 19" on the Giulia and 21" on the Stelvio - and the brake calipers. The same sporty look can be seen on the interiors where there is a carbon fiber veneer and Alcantara® seats - a unique material which takes both aesthetics and functionality into consideration. The red stitching on the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and gear knob further enhances the model’s exclusivity and sporty look.

Giulia and Stelvio “ESTREMA” are equipped with 280 hp 2.0 Turbo gas or 210 hp 2.2 Turbo Diesel engines, both paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive. Finishing off the setup, an audio system with 14 Harman Kardon speakers.

Stellanti Media, Turin, March 28th 2022