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06.07.2004, Carfwebmaster

The model in brief

In 1992, the Alfa 155 introduced a new Alfa Romeo concept of sportiness that became enshrined in the codename Q4. Now the same glorious name returns on the new Alfa Crosswagon Q4 and Alfa Sportwagon Q4, the models that mark Alfa Romeo's return to the world of four wheel drive. Both models mark the first outing for a new transmission with 4 permanently engaged drive wheels, three differentials and preferential torque distribution to the rear. Alfa reveals it is still able to stay one step ahead of its time and set new trends: its new Crosswagon and Sportwagon Q4 go one better than the current crop of all-terrain vehicles and take the concept of elegant sportiness to a radically new and unique dimension.

The new car is 444 cm long, 176 cm wide and 149 cm high with a wheelbase of 259 cm. The Crosswagon Q4 owes its all-terrain look in particular to underdoor steel protections, special front and rear bumpers with steel inserts, an original bumper grille, carrier bars and broad wings. Ride set-up raised by nearly 6.5 cm and 225/55 R17 All Seasons tyres with a special compound and special tread. The tyres are also designed to offer great comfort under normal driving conditions with good grip and a safe drive on snow, unsurfaced or uneven roads, mud or treacherous roads in general.

The new model also offers a choice of three specifications (Progression, Distinctive and Luxury) and nine body shades of which 4 designed specially for the model by the Arese style centre. All body shades feature a distinctive tone on tone treatment process. But all this is packaging; the truly radical new feature of the Alfa Crosswagon Q4 is its permanent Q4 four wheel drive system with three differentials (the central one is a self-locking Torsen C system) that permanently distributes drive over the front and rear wheels.

The Torsen C self-locking differential manages drive torque in the most appropriate way: when accelerating, to avoid excessive understeer, it can direct some 80% of torque to the rear wheels to leave more side grip for the front wheels. Conversely, when oversteering, it can transfer only 40% to ensure improved side grip for the rear wheels.
The new Crosswagon Q4 is thus an agile off-road car that is self-avowedly an Alfa in its uncompromising sense of control and driving satisfaction.

The Crosswagon Q4 combines great driving comfort with all the boisterous character of an Alfa sports model. This is because the new model comes with a power unit that allows the car to deal with any on-road situation: the powerful 110 kW (150 bhp) 1.9 JTD 16v M-Jet engine is combined with a sporty 6-speed manual gearbox. The 4 cylinder in line engine with a bore of 82 millimetres and a stroke of 90.4 mm is capable of delivering a power output of 110 kW at 4000 rpm and a torque of 305 Nm (31 kgm) at 2000 rpm.
The new turbodiesel has undergone several engineering changes to increase performance and engine torque at low speeds and to reduce noise and vibration levels. For example, the Common Rail system used on the 1.9 JTD 16v M-Jet includes two new strategies for automatically calibrating and balancing the diesel injected to lower noise and reduce vibration.

Alfa Sportwagon Q4

The Alfa Sportwagon Q4, the latest version of the Sportwagon, can offer better pick-up and speed than the Crosswagon Q4. The performance is due to the 150 bhp 1.9 JTD 16v M-Jet combined with a sporty six-speed manual gearbox that propels the car to a top speed of 200 km/h and takes just 10.2 seconds to speed from 0 to 100 km/h.
The Alfa Sportwagon Q4 transmission features 4 permanently engaged drive wheels, three differentials and torque distribution preferentially to the rear.

Outside, the car displays a few distinctive features that add extra strength to the model's sporty looks: including a special exhaust tailpipe and 17" x 7 alloy wheels. The red 205/50 R17 Pirelli Pzero low profile tyres assure very sporty qualities and excellent roadholding. The range is also made up of two specifications: Progression and Distinctive.
Due to a special sports suspension setting, the adoption of the most sophisticated safety systems and devices currently available and the Alfa Romeo Q4 four wheel drive system, the new Sportswagon Q4 offers true sensation and authentic driving satisfaction with something extra: more performance, more handling, better braking capacity.